Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A lil bit of inspiration...

Hi Hunnys,
     Well i ended up in hospital on Monday night, after ringing NHS Direct i was told that they would get an ambulance out to me as it sounded like i had a blood clot, so after waiting for 4 and a bit hours i was finally seen by a doctor who confirmed thats what i had, its absolute agony but hey, noubts gonna stop this gal crafting, Luckily i have tons of images already coloured and my lil baby is helping me so A huge thank you to my Macka for helping me put this card together.
Anyway over at Freshbrewed Designs the month long challenge is to make a card inspired by this photo;

Cute ain't it, and if you use an Freshbrewed image with a cake on which you can buy HERE, You can also be in the running to win these;
How fab is that!
So heres my little bit of inspiration for you...
Hope u like this card!
Well i am off to the chemist to pick up my Medicine, see u all later and have a fab day xx


  1. OH NO!!! KENZIE!!! That is so scary! I am so glad you went to the hospital!!!! Oh goodness girl!!! PLEASE get your meds and take care of yourself!!!

    Your card is GORGEOUS as always. LOVE the bright and cheerful colors... but I want you to chill! HAHAHA!! I am worried about ya!

    BIG HUGS!!

  2. OMG Kenzi.......look after yourself then come back crafting.
    What are you like !!!
    Anyway your card is FAB Hugs Elaine

  3. this is a fabulous card. holy moly girl! sure hope all turned out well and you will be getting better real quick. a blood clot is NOT fun! keeping you in my prayers.

    hugs :) yay... i was finally able to leave a comment!

  4. YIKES! So sorry to hear about your medical concern, but am happy you got to a doctor and are/will be taken care of... I have no idea what they do for blood clots, but wish you all the very best and a speedy recovery. Your CARD is AWESOME!! that's one of my fave (although i have many. hee hee) digis from FBD. love the bright colors! beautiful coloring :)

  5. Hi Kenzie, just catching up with everything,my goodness. Hope all is well with you now, blessings Hilde